This year's Thanksgiving menu: green beans, biscuits, roasted cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie


It helps me to make a menu for big meals like Thanksgiving, whether it’s written out in fancy calligraphy on a chalkboard or jotted down in a spiral notebook. Or, listed here for all of you to see! Here’s some of what will be on my table this year.

greenbeans (1).jpg

Brined turkey: My husband is a Thanksgiving turkey pro, so I leave that to him every year. And despite recent suggestions that brining may be useless, he always brines our turkey for about 48 hours before we eat it. He uses a salt-sugar-water-herb solution, and it results in a deliciously moist and flavorful bird. There’s brining info here.

Green bean casserole: We’ll be having the classic, created in the 1950s by Campbell’s Soup. You can read more about that here, and get ideas for other green bean sides.

Sage and cheddar biscuits!!!!: I am excited for these. We don’t always have extra carbs on the table at Thanksgiving, but when we do, I like to go all out. Recipe is here.

sagebiscuits (6).jpg
cranberryroasted (3).jpg

Roasted cranberry sauce with almond brittle: This is a new one for me this year, but I fell in love with this recipe that calls for roasting the tart berries with sugar and other flavors, then topping the dish with maple syrup-coated almonds.

Pumpkin pie: I’m going with a classic this year. Currently trying to figure out how to work in some pecans into the pie crust, but otherwise this will be a standard pumpkin pie. With a side of whipped cream and this pumpkin caramel sauce I made last month!

Also: Candied yams (courtesy of my brother), a classic stuffing (like this one, but without the sausage and nuts), mashed potatoes (my dad wants to try boiling the potatoes in chicken broth this year) and fresh gravy made with pan drippings.

Happy Thanksgiving, my food friends!